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Regional Extension Centers

As a federally-designated "Regional Extension Center (REC)," the North Carolina Area Health Education Center's Program (NC AHEC), provides individualized, on-site electronic health record (EHR) consulting tailored practice's specific needs. Consultants from the Greensboro AHEC can help practices:

  • Assess and redesign current office systems.
  • Identify and enhance workflows within a practice.
  • Evaluate and select the certified EHR system that meets a practice's needs and are equipped to help that practice meet requirements of EHR "meaningful use".
  • Evaluate and adjust new processes within a practice and support implementation of the new EHR system or an upgrade to a certified EHR system.
  • Establish and follow an EHR implementation plan to help meet target "go-Live" dates, avoid common challenges and minimize disruptions in order to successfully implement and EHR.
  • Achieve state and federal standards to qualify for "meaningful use" of EHR incentive payments.
  • Analyze a practice's readiness to apply for the HITECH Act "Meaningful Use" Incentive payments.
  • Use the EHR as a tool to help improve care and satisfaction of the physician, staff and patients.

Working with NC AHEC to meet Meaningful Use?

Why not get paid! The NC Medicaid EHR Incentive Program gives providers the chance to earn $63,750 over six years if they are using their EHR to meet Meaningful Use. There are resources available to help you attest for a payment. We have attestation guides to walk you through the process step by step, FAQs built up from years of provider questions, webinars to bring it all to life and a dedicated help desk to answer questions that the resources don’t address. The last year to start participating is 2016, so if you have a certified EHR, see 30% Medicaid patients and are an eligible provider type, now is the time to get started. Visit our website for more information!

For more information, contact Jennifer Foreman  at