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Continuing Medical Education

Accreditation June 2015 - June 2021

Greensboro Area Health Education Center is pleased to announce we have been resurveyed by the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) and awarded Accreditation with Commendation for a term of six years as a provider of continuing medical education for physicians. Six-year accreditation is the highest accreditation awarded by the NCMS/ACCME and is a reflection of the high standards that we have put in place since implementing the new ACCME criteria.

Mission Statement of the Office of Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Purpose & Mission:

Greensboro AHEC Continuing Medical Education Mission Statement
(last update 7/30/2009)
The Greensboro AHEC Continuing Medical Education Program is committed to providing practicing physicians with educational interventions that will support their efforts to improve their competencies in providing patient care.

Our goals are:

  • To collaborate with health care providers and other AHECs to identify needs, and to design, implement, and evaluate educational activities that are scientifically based and free from commercial bias, and are tied to statewide initiatives. These activities will comply with the North Carolina Medical Society Essentials and Standards of Accreditation.
  • To develop a visible and accessible CME presence in our region through regular visits to community hospitals and medical practices.

Target Audience:

The Greensboro AHEC CME Program provides educational interventions for physicians and healthcare professionals in North Carolina. Our primary target audience is physicians and other healthcare providers in our AHEC region.

Content Area:

Our CME Program has as its focus updates in primary care and subspecialty areas, based on ongoing needs assessment, and local and statewide health concerns and guided by the ACGME core competencies, including, medical knowledge, patient care, and professionalism.

Types of Activities:

Our programming consists of recurring conferences that take place at community hospitals across our AHEC region. We also produce multi-hour symposia and conferences for regional or statewide interdisciplinary audiences.

Expected Results:

As a result of participation in Greensboro AHEC CME activities, it is expected that physicians and healthcare providers will be able improve their medical knowledge and expertise, motivating them to develop strategies and make changes in their clinical practice that will improve their professional performance and competence in providing patient care.

The Greensboro AHEC Office of CME will collaborate with community physicians, CME Liaisons, and other health care providers at hospitals and other organizations in our region in the identification of needs, the development of educational objectives, the selection of topics and faculty, activity evaluation and connecting education with local quality initiatives to ensure that each activity meets the Essential Areas and Policies established by ACCME.


AMA PRA Category 1 Credit is the most common type of credit physicians need for medical license maintenance. In order for an activity to be designated for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit, it must be planned by an accredited CME provider. More information about the AMA's designation of Category 1 credit can be obtained by visiting the ACCME website at


To review the ACCME's Standards for Commercial Support visit their website at

Activities & Objectives:

Providing continuing medical education activities in our area hospitals through the bridge which brings medical faculty out of the university and into the community.

Developing and implementing a region-wide survey of physicians for identification of educational needs.

Developing a visible "CME presence" through visits to community hospital medical staff conferences and physician offices.

Evaluating long-standing CME activities for modification to meet ACCME Essentials.

Exploring non-traditional, innovative approaches to continuing medical education.

CME Forms

CME Activity Planners

Greensboro AHEC CME Activity Application

ACCME Essential Areas and Elements

ACGME Core Competencies Definitions

Greensboro AHEC CME Add-On Activity Form

Needs Assessment Guidelines

Sponsorship Guidelines

Information for Physicians

Schedule of GAHEC CME Fees


Confirmation Letter to Speakers

Confirmation of Verbal Disclosure- Presenters

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Serial sign-in sheet



Flyer Template

Promotional Required Elements Statements 2012


Case Conference-Tumor Board Evaluation

CaseConf-Tumor Board Evaluation Summary

Check Sheets for Tumor Boards-Med Staff

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Medical Staff Series - Grand Rounds Evaluation

Medical Staff - Grand Rounds Evaluation Summary

Peer Evaluation COI Form

Commercial Support

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New Standards for Commercial Support

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