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Careers in Healthcare

Health Careers and Workforce Diversity

We work to improve the supply and distribution of the healthcare workforce and to increase minority representation in health professions in North Carolina. Plus, throughout a healthcare professional’s career, we provide support -- from elementary to high school, to college and beyond.

Greensboro AHEC works with colleges and universities, county school systems and regional health care agencies on health career efforts throughout the Greensboro region. The purpose is to develop and maintain initiatives in the community and work to identify gaps in the educational pipeline. By facilitating health careers exposure and enrichment, job shadowing and college preparation activities, the HCWD program hopes to strengthen health career workforce development efforts and increase the numbers of quality health care providers in the Greensboro AHEC region.

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Featured Programs and Activities

YHSC (Youth Health Service Corps)

is now offered in the Greensboro AHEC region. Students helping to create healthier communities through service learning. Click here for a brochure for more information.

Teachers - Are you looking for a free exciting class for students? Check Out!! The Puppet Bunch/CATCH Program.

We are introducing educational materials that will feature lovable puppets the Careers in Health Puppet Bunch. Each puppet represents a different career in health. Through this multi-media experience, the puppets are matched with real professionals who look like them and share the same career. The materials portray multicultural and non-traditional gender roles that represent the 21st century in healthcare. Teachers like and appreciate the program and find that it fits into their health and science curriculum.

Puppet Bunch targets children in grades kindergarten through second grade. It is designed to introduce children to health careers while breaking down perceived ethnic and gender barriers, through the use of puppets. This program increases awareness of healthy behaviors and the importance of calling emergency 911 through participation in group games. This is a free service provided by the Greensboro Area Health Education Center. If you are interested in our program, please click Request for Program Form to schedule your school program.

Catch a Totally Cool Health Career (CATCH)

CATCH focuses on third through fifth grade students by introducing them to health careers through the random selection of pre-chosen healthcare careers and the use of medically oriented props (i.e., clothing and equipment). Please click Request for Program Form to schedule your school program.

2017 Greensboro AHEC Programs

Teen Health Career Club - Accepting Applications for 2017-18 School Year

The health career club is designed for middle and high school students interested in learning more about careers in healthcare. Students will enjoy health science workshops, health career speakers, site visits, scholarship and leadership information, college tours, ACT, SAT Prep classes, games and more!  Applications accepted Spring 2017. Click here for an application.

Pharmacy Tech Training Initiative (PTTI)

The Pharmacy Technician Training Initiative (PTTI) is a pipeline program for minority and economically disadvantaged high school seniors, undergraduate students, and students interested in returning to the workforce. The goals of the program are to encourage students to enter into the pharmacy profession and to prepare students to successfully pass the National Pharmacy Technicians Certification Board Examination.

Eligible students must have a minimum 2.8 GPA (copy of transcript must be submitted with application) and have maintained a grade of at least a "B" in Biology, Chemistry or Algebra II. Space is limited.

To become certified you must be the age of 18 by June of the year you take the course and have a high school diploma. If you are interested in the fall program, please click link: Pharmacy Technical Training Initiative Program Application Form.

Cultural Diversity Workshops

These workshops are designed for educators, community volunteers, and health and human service professionals working with minority populations. Emphasis is placed on cross-cultural mentoring and communication.

Health Careers Information & Enrichment Workshops

These workshops are created and sponsored by the North Carolina Health Careers Access Program (NC-HCAP). Interactive workshops for 5th through 12th grade students are designed to motivate and encourage targeted students to consider career opportunities in the health professions. Each two-hour workshop also provides participants with information about college preparation, admissions requirements, financial aid resources, and information on various health issues affecting today(the Black Box)s youth. Please contact the Greensboro Area Education Center to request workshops.

Personal Reflection

"Through AHEC programs, I am motivated to engage in many new activities. The AHEC programs have helped me to expand my knowledge of health careers and the healthcare system. Today, I am interested in Pharmacy because AHEC has taught me what a dynamic and flexible career it can be." - Madison Price

"I was one of this year's representatives for Greensboro AHEC at UNC Greensboro. This was my first time attending the conference, but I loved every single moment of it. We stayed in honors dorms, engaged in leadership activities, and listened to inspirational speakers and had fun all at the same time. But that's not all; we even had a student panel so whatever questions we had they got answered.  Before starting the fun of course we had an icebreaker which was actually fun. Everyone had a smile on their face while music was playing and beach balls were thrown in the air.   Sounds interesting huh? If you would like to be a part of a rewarding program you should join your local AHEC teen health club. This club will help you become more informed of the many different health careers while also earning service learning hours serving your community. The Teen Health Club has helped me with understanding the health field some much more than just listening about it but getting hands on with materials. We are the future leaders of the healthcare so let's get together and prove it! - Frances Crouch

"Currently, I'm at training at the Internal Medicine Residency at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL After residency; I am interested in completing an adolescent medicine fellowship and a master's in public health with an interest in community based research in addition to practicing as a general internist. SEMS and SEP gave me that extra exposure to math and science as well as various health care fields through several classes, site visits, speakers and workshops. To this day, I still remember my experiences and the people I met through participating in these programs. It was a confidence booster and motivator to be surrounded by other minorities who had the same interests. It was also encouraging to know that there was a support system in place that nurtured my desire to become a physician and assisted with my professional growth. Specifically, through the AHEC SEMS program, I learned how to write a research paper and give a formal presentation. I remember presenting about heart disease in African American women and feeling a sense of accomplishment (and relief) afterwards, especially after I worked so hard. Through SEP, I took challenging math and science courses that prepared me for my future undergraduate coursework. In addition to learning even more about the healthcare field, I also learned how to become a competitive applicant for medical school." - Lakeisha Entzminger

For more information or to schedule a program, contact:

Patricia Parrish, MS, CHC
Coordinator for Allied, Public Health, Health Careers and Workforce Diversity